Friday, January 28, 2011


Fame! OR Something.

Thanks to all for the warm welcome back from a brief hiatus. We here at Jersey Circus feel refreshed and tanned, and it's our privilege to make the following fun announcements:

1. We're still not being sued! Weird, right?
2. Welcome to two new staff members: Mike Farry  (who went to MIT! Weird, right? We're hoping he won't figure out that we're hacks.) and Jeff Waters (who has been Homecoming King at college and in our hearts).  Neither one of them approved this message.

3. THIS IS THE ONE THAT PERTAINS MOST ESPECIALLY TO YOU. We have an opening for one more writer here at Jersey Circus. We maintain a workplace of creative joy and mutual cynicism. You won't be paid in anything but comments.

Interested parties should send submissions to for consideration (up to three entries per writer are welcome).  Deadline is February 5 at Midnight.  Current staff will vote, and the final three writers will be debuted on this blog for audience input. The writer who receives the highest number of comments in the appointed time frame will be added to our glittering team.

Jersey Circus(c) will NOT publish entries without giving credit to the creator.

We are excited! We're freaking out! We hope you are too.